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Scene creator [Top view]

Create your stationery or header mock up. Save money as you can create very different types scene with the same files. Lot of items have multiple positions for a better realism. What can you do with it? 
Complete/Big pict. Check out
Next update V6.5 in March: over 300 new items: cosmetics, love, drinks, bottles, plants, vase, decoration items...

V6.0 UPDATE 02/24/16
  • +170 items in over 515 positions: love, labels, tags, devices, chocolate, balloons, decorative items

V5.5 UPDATE 02/08/16
  • +150 items in over 500 positions: art supplies, cosmetic items, clocks, camera, toys, games, coffee cups

V5.0 UPDATE 12/11/15
  • +262 items in over 535 positions: decoration items, Christmas and holiday items, new pencils, plants, sneakers.
  • +11 scenes and 4 updated scenes

V4.0 UPDATE 11/10/15
  • +103 items in over 300 positions: art items, old books, Christmas items, drinks, food, packaging, plants, shoes.
  • +6 scenes+2 textures

  • 9/23/15 V3.8 +222 items
  • 8/16/15 V3.5: +100 items+6 scenes+2 textures
  • 08/02/15 V3.0: +150 items
  • 07/24/15 V2.5: +150 items+11 scenes
  • 03/30/15 V2.0: +100 items+19 scenes+10 HD textures

  • 1500+ items
  • 14 HD textures
  • 50 scenes
  • 3 Empty Scenes in 3 sizes: 8000x4800, 5000x3000, 3000x1800px + 10 photo effects
  • Items in multiple positions: 3300+ total positions
  • Advanced customization
  • For small and large scene
  • Editable design via smart objects
  • All objects and shadows are seperated
  • All shadows are transparent
  • Detailed User Guide (PDF file)

  • 3300+ Total positions
  • New items added regulary
  • All Items are listed here in the previews

FONTS USED, fonts are not included
 More Details open  Scene creator 

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