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How to start the web design process and create a style using mood boards

Consulting with a client to find out the "style" of website they are after can be a frustrating process for both sides.  Words like snazzy, pop & funky don't communicate well for such a visual media as web pages.
Why spend time mocking up a site when it will get immediately rejected because the client says "that's not the style we discussed".

This is where mood boards can be really useful.

What is a mood board?
A mood board is essentially a collage of various images, colours, patterns and fonts that are quickly assembled onto a page or poster.  They visually depict a single style or theme and can be used to communicate style to clients and other design team members.

Using a mood board
Take your mood boards along to a preliminary meeting and you can soon work out what your client wants.

Here is an AWESOME link to where you can download a whole bunch of hi res mood boards - thanks Chad!

And here is an example at 404creative of more controlled mood boards that have specific colour palettes and fonts picked out - this could be used as "stage 2" to refine the ideas picked out by the client.
..and finally
If mood boards are too big, John O'Nolan has come up with a great idea - individual mood cards - this can be used in the same way but you can shuffle them around on the table to create dynamic mood boards - an inspired idea and these can also be downloaded here Wow!  Cheers John.

Get your mood on!

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