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How to make a good infographic

Infographics or information graphics are visual representation of data and are a great way to explain complex information in a clear graphical way. These usually take the form of maps, charts and diagrams that are both interesting and appealing.

There is a great article over at that looks into the eight factors that make a good infographic. I've summarised Amy's work into the following points and a simple infographic (that breaks some of these "rules" - click image to enlarge)

1. Data Visualisation
Must be data driven - not just fancy looking text (think chart, map etc.)
2. Clean Colour Pallet
Must compliment the website, colour must be significant - no MS Paint style colour pallets.
3. Clear Story
Should tell a story with pictures - and contain more than one piece of information (good infographics weave different facts and data together).
4. Dimensions
Don't make the infographic too big. It has to fit on the average viewers monitor. Max 1000px wide if vertical scrolling or 700px wide if horizontal scrolling (personally I hate horizontal scrolling - it ain't natural!)
5. Not Text Heavy
Similar to point No.1 - it should be visual and data driven without too much text.
6. Simple Branding
As infographics are used as advertisements the branding must be unobtrusive
7. Subject Matter
The content of the infographic must be relevant to the website that hosts it!
8. "AHA!"
The infographic should give an "Aha" moment - in other words it should provide a unique insight on the facts that are being presented.

Read the original article here

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For info on picking good colour pallets read about how to choose colour - color scheme designer.

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